Abby’s Flying Fairy School Monopoly

It has been three years today since my first post to this blog and why not celebrate it with Blogg, Gonnigan and Abby from Sesame Street’s Abby’s Flying Fairy School. I got the opportunity to work on Abby’s Flying Fairy School, I worked on render setup and render wrangling. They didn’t really make merchanise for the show so I came up with how a monopoly board could look with a Abby’s Flying Fairy School theme. The spots that were streets, I just made characters from the show, they had quiet a lot of special guest characters. The railroads, I made their wands and the rest of the spots I changed to represent something from the show. I did model a simple box and board to place the textures on but most of the work went into creating the textures.

Here are examples of some of the work I did on Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Programs Used: Softimage
Render Setup Breakdown:
(0.08 – 0.24) : Fixed Abby’s skirt.
(0.24 – 0.37) : Fixed the jacket, hair, and beard so they wouldn’t collide with the pirate.
(0.37 – 0.48) : Added creatures to shot and animated them.
(0.48 – 0.57) : Camera constrained to Mirror, Rendered out for Texture.
(0.57 – 1.03) : Adjusted Gonnigan’s Hair.
(1.03 – 1.07) : Posed out 3D Character to match drawing.


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