Pokémon Additional Badges


Pokemon Gary’s Badges

In the episode, The Battle of the Badge, Gary shows off the badges he has already won in the Indigo League. Three of the badges correspond with known badges from the Indigo League. The additional seven are unknown. So I modeled and textured out the case and the additional badges. Here’s a screenshot from that episode.


Pokemon Ash’s Dream Badges

In the episode, Malice in Wonderland, a Mismagius uses hypnosis on Ash and the gang. Everything that is taking place is an illusion. Ash wins his battle and he is rewarded with a case of badges. Badges from Indigo League to Sinnoh League are represented along with some other random badges added. Here’s a screenshot from that episode.


pokemonbadges_indigo Johto League Badges pokemonbadges_hoenn
Johto League Badges pokemonbadges_unova All Pokemon Badges

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