Lego Mortal Kombat Minifigures – Male Ninja


I modeled out the Lego Minifigure and once that was done I wanted to create a character from it. I came up with a few ideas of characters I wanted to do from TV shows, Movies, and Video Games. Then I asked a friend for his suggestion and he said Mortal Kombat. So I thought about it, looked up some of the characters and decided to do the ninjas from Mortal Kombat in their classic costumes. Started with scorpion had to model out the hood, mask, and shoulder parts. Created the textures in Photoshop and Illustrator and when I had the design down I copied the figure over and created the rest of the ninjas. I created a image with all of them on it with the pit stage as the background and below that are the individual images of the ninjas.


Lego MK vs DC Lego Mortal Kombat Minifigures Lego MK vs DC
mkxbanner Lego Mortal Kombat 1 Lego Mortal Kombat 2
lego minifigure Lego Mortal Kombat - Female Ninja Lego Sub-Zero Fatality

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