The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Beetle with Bomb


Once I had the Quick Beetle and Bomb done I decided to do a combined image because in the game this was used quite often, blowing up switches to hidden rooms and bad guys.


After I had the profile pictures done with the Quick Beetle and Bomb I animated the wings and positioned it how it was in the game from behind.


Skyward Sword – Link's Room Skyward Sword – True Master Sword Skyward Sword – Hylian Shield
Skyward Sword – Demise’s Sword Skyward Sword – Claw Shot Skyward Sword – Mogma Mitts
Skyward Sword – Whip Skyward Sword – Scatter Shot Skyward Sword – Gust Bellows
Skyward Sword – Quick Beetle Skyward Sword – Beetle with Bomb Skyward Sword – Bomb
Skyward Sword – Bottles Skyward Sword – Bug Net Skyward Sword – Bow and Quiver

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