Beast Wars Cheetor




My latest work is Cheetor from the television show Transformers: Beast Wars. I needed good reference pictures to model from first. So looking at the toy and Season 1 of Beast Wars I drew profile pictures of Cheetor. From there I began to model all the parts of Cheetor. Had to make adjustments as I modeled so everything would fit and look correct. After I finished the modeling I laid out all the UVs for textures. I started messing around with the materials to match the look from the show. Once I had the material I wanted I applied it to the rest of the figure. After I finished all the blue and gold metal I had to create a cheetah pattern. I wanted to create one that was seamless so I drew one up in illustrator and was able to repeat the pattern as many times as I need for the texture. I applied the texture to all the pieces that used it. The cheetah head that’s on the chest of the figure wasn’t that detailed in the toy or show but I wanted it to look realistic so I used pictures of cheetahs as reference to create the pattern and color scheme for the head. Once that was complete I was able to add the hair to the cheetah parts of the figure. I started with the cheetah head adjusting the hair to get the best look possible. Once I got something I liked I applied it to rest of the figure. Did a render test, rendering out all the passes and comping them together adjusting  things here and there. Finally I had what I wanted so I posed out Cheetor and created a background then rendered and comped it again. I love how it come out.


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