The Big Bang Theory Minimates


Howard, Raj, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny

I modeled a minimate and laid out the texture for it a week or so ago and next I wanted to come up with a character to use for it. There are a lot of marvel characters that they have out already so I wanted to stay away from that so then I was thinking maybe a video game character, they have done a few PS3 characters. So thought about doing another PS3 character that they haven’t done or even a Nintendo character. Then while I was thinking about it I saw my Big Bang Theory poster hanging on my wall and then I just decided to recreate those characters from the poster. They never have done any TV show characters so it would be something new and different. So I used the poster as a reference and created all the textures for the characters. Then used ZBrush to create the hair. I did my best to match the positions for the characters in the poster but the minimates aren’t that posable.



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