Xpand Trio (Phone / Tablet)




Tablet homescreen and three different displays on each panel

Media Player and Web Browser

Video Game Emulator

Phone and Tablet Layout

Phone and Tablet Measurements

Phone and Tablet Comparison Chart

I wanted to design a smartphone that could also become a tablet. It seems smartphones and tablets will be one in the same in time. So I came up with an idea, drew up some things of what it would look like and have on it. Since I designed it and had all the measurements for the device modeling it was pretty simple then I had to create every screen image that appears on the phone and tablet. I decided to call it “Xpand Trio” because the phone expands to become a tablet and trio meaning three, it has 3 smaller screens to form a larger tablet screen. The first four pictures show off the smartphone how the homescreen would appear, the button lay out, and the location of the microSD card slot. The next image shows how the phone folds out to a tablet. The next five pictures are showing how the device would function as a tablet with the homescreen, media player and web browser. The three pictures after that shows how you would be able to play classic and HD quality video games with an emulator. The last five pictures are informational; the first two showing the layout for the phone and tablet and the next two pictures are the measurements for the phone and tablet and the final image is a Phone and Tablet Comparison Chart, all phones and tablets are to scale.


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